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Terms and Conditions
Our commission is 10% no VAT of the gross rent payable for the full term of the tenancy as per the terms of the tenancy agreement and for any extension or renewal of the tenancy to the tenant or the occupier or any associated party whether or not the extension or renewal is negotiated by   C Kear Properties.  This fee will be deducted from the rental payment as they are received throughout the term of the tenancy but should the rent not be paid for any reason you will be liable to us for this charge whilst the management continues.
Please note that this fee is in addition to any letting fee charged.  The management service may be terminated by either party serving 3 months written notice. The letting commission shall however remain payable notwithstanding such termination.

Lettings Fees and Services
Please see below a comprehensive list of our letting fees and charges for both landlords and tenants.  
Should you require clarification of any of the following information, do not hesitate to speak with a member of your local lettings branch.  Also note that at this time we are not VAT registered so do not need to charge the fee.

Landlord Charges
Lettings Services
Lettings Services and Fees
Paid in full at the commencement of the tenancy and subject to a minimum fee of £500.

Letting & Property Management
Sole Agency 10% no VAT of the agreed rent; The letting and rent collect fee (Sole Agency 9%) no VAT this fee is due in full at the commencement of the tenancy for the entire initial term and the Property management agreed % fee of the letting and rent collect and property management fees collected monthly from the rent.

Property Management Only
(includes rent collection)
10% no VAT of the agreed rent for the entire term and any renewal / extension due as the rent is collected.
Renewal fee
£90 payable upon instruction. Subject to a minimum charge of £180 This is a split fee paid equally by the Landlord and Tenant.
Agreement and Arrangement fees
New Tenancy Agreement Fee
£200 payable by the landlord This is a split fee, paid equally by the landlord and tenant.
Tenancy Renewal Agreement Fee
£180 payable by the Landlord This is a split fee, paid equally by the landlord and tenant.
Deposit Registration fee £30

Gas Safety Check arrangement fee 10% plus the cost of the gas safety check.
Portable Appliance Test (PAT) arrangement fee 10% plus the cost of the PAT test
Fixed Electrical Wiring Test arrangement fee 10% plus the cost of the test.
EPC arrangement fee 10% plus the cost of the EPC
Legionnaires Risk Assessment arrangement fee 10% plus the cost of the risk assessment.
Paperwork to be prepared and submitted to the DPS £200

Miscellaneous Charges

Deposit Transfer admin fee £50
Additional copy statements £25 for a minimum of 6 statements & £5 per additional statement
Transfer of funds to HMRC on behalf of Non-resident Landlords £120 per quarter
CHAPS payments to overseas accounts £15
Miscellaneous Duties £95 per hour
Increased Administration fee for amendments to the Tenancy Agreement £90
Serving of Notices £60
Courts and Tribunals appearance £180 per hour.
Applicable to the Fully Managed Service
Vacant Management £50 per month no VAT at this time.
Works under £200 Will be instructed without consultation with the Landlord unless otherwise instructed in writing.
Works over £200 Subject to 10% no VAT administration fee of total cost
Additional Property Visits (1 per year included in the service) £50
Working balance for a Managed Tenancy
If the Tenancy is fully managed, a working balance will be required at the start of the tenancy, usually £200.
Unless otherwise stated, all fees are not subject to VAT
For clarification on any charges referred to herein, please do not hesitate to contact us.